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Wound care products including dressings, bandages, therapy systems, and more.

Wound VAC Therapy


Wound vacuum-assisted closure is a type of therapy that helps wounds heal. Vacuum-assisted closure is a treatment in which the wound is exposed to lower levels of air pressure.

Wounds can heal faster with this type of treatment. Vacuum devices are used to remove the air pressure over the affected area and may help wounds heal in several ways. This can gently remove excess fluid and bacteria from a wound. New tissue can form and help close the wound as a result of vacuum therapy. It can also pull the wound together by pulling in the edges.

Alba specialists can work with your doctor to see if Wound VAC therapy is right for you.

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Dressings and Bandages


Alba Medical provides a wide range of wound care products for the treatment of pressure ulcers, wounds, cuts, and burns.

Our products include wound removers, dressings, gauzes, gels, sheeting, bandages, prepping materials, and much more.