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Pediatric Medical Supplies

Custom pediatric medical supplies in Brooklyn and Queens.

Pediatric Pacers, Trainers, and Walkers


Children who are unable to stand or walk without support can benefit from pediatric trainers.

These devices provide enough support to help children achieve independent walking so that they may explore their environment without needing someone else’s help.

Alba’s pediatric experts can help you choose the right option for your child or loved one.

Custom Prothetic Legs NYC
Custom Pediatric Orthotics Brooklyn NY

Custom Orthotics


Alba Medical Supply provides a full array of orthotic and prosthetic services for children with a variety of genetic and acquired pediatric conditions, including scoliosis bracing and pediatric orthotic services for the upper and lower limbs.

Custom Pediatric Wheelchairs


How does your child sit and move? A regular wheelchair is not sufficient for a child who can’t walk.

A wheelchair that allows for maximum mobility whilst providing proper support is critical for protecting your child’s level of function.

Is there anything in particular about the way your child sits or moves that you believe would help us to improve their wheelchair? If your child is in a hunched position (a kyphotic state), it is likely that his or her bones and muscles will become fixed in that position.

Alba experts can help you select the best chair for your child.

Custom Pediatric Wheelchairs Brooklyn NY
Pediatric Bath Chair Brooklyn NY

Pediatric Bathing & Toiletry


Children with special needs who have difficulty sitting independently may require extra assistance in the bathtub.

Alba Medical’s pediatric bath chairs are waterproof, fit easily in most standard-sized bathtubs, and protect children from approximately 15 months old through adolescence.