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Our in-house laboratory allows us to produce innovative orthotic and prosthetic products. Our experts have a unique understanding of the proper fit, measurement, and fabrication for orthotics and prosthetic.

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Lower Extremity Orthotics


Foot and leg orthotics provide biomechanical control and stabilization to prevent overuse injuries like shin splints, foot pain and knee pain.

They also optimize your performance by making each step more efficient; with less wear and tear on your feet, bones and shoes.

Alba orthotics are used by runners, cyclists, and climbers to keep their feet healthy and balanced.


Lumbar Orthotics


Lumbar orthotics are designed to provide support and immobilization of the thoracic and lumbar regions following various surgical procedures/ traumatic injuries.

The back is the backbone of our body. It connects the pelvis to the upper part of the legs and spinal column and helps support the spine. One way to do that is by wearing an orthotic. An orthotic is a device that helps support the back by putting pressure on it in certain areas.

At Alba all of our orthotics solutions are custom fabricated to patient specifications.

lumbar orthotics

Upper Extremity Orthotics


Upper extremity orthoses are devices applied externally to restore or improve certain functional and structural characteristics of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

The upper extremity is not nearly as active as the lower extremity, but the benefits of the orthotic application in the upper extremity are just as significant in providing daily use and comfort.

Alba’s Certified Orthotist creates an innovative approach to rehab.

Use smart tech to achieve better results.