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Custom Mobility

Custom mobility for rehab, manual wheelchairs, custom wheelchairs, and motorized mobility in New York.

Rehab Mobility Equipment


Custom mobility options keep you on the go while going through rehabilitation from an injury or surgery.

Our rehab experts help you choose the right rehab equipment to fit your lifestyle.

Rehab Mobility Brooklyn NY
Manual Wheelchair Brooklyn NY

Manual Wheelchairs


Those who have adequate tone and balance can use a manual wheelchair to improve their aerobic and muscular health.

Manual wheelchairs are easier to transport and require less maintenance because they rely on technology or batteries.

Alba wheelchair experts can help find the right chair for you or a loved one.


Custom Power Wheelchairs


Alba Medical Supply power wheelchairs are available in a variety of designs and styles, including travel chairs, heavy-duty models, and front and rear-wheel drive ones.

In addition to being suitable for a variety of scenarios and terrains, this variety allows for increased usage.

Those with poor hand dexterity will find using these chairs simple thanks to the simple controls. Power chairs provide excellent turning radius for indoor and outdoor activities around tight corners.

Custom Power Wheelchairs Brooklyn NY
Motorized Power Scooters Brooklyn NY

Motorized Mobility


Alba mobility scooters are the perfect solution for people who want a little assistance getting around, and there are reliable 3-wheel or 4-wheel options to suit every need.

We can assist you in finding the right scooter for your specific needs, with multiple folding and traveling scooters available.