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April 2010

The Hoya uses

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April 24, 2009. The Hoya uses the “Cuddler” in a news story for the first time, in an investigative report dating potential”Cuddler” attacks back to 2005. The paper employs the nickname only once in a story of 1,350 words. Catch him on the right day, and Baffert is as charming as anyone in sports. He can hold the attention of the room or a throng of media outside a horse barn better than anyone else in thoroughbred racing. He can do funny and witty one minute, dry and sarcastic the next.

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The request also sketched a history

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The request also sketched a history of “Smith’s past illogical and erratic behavior regarding any matter involving Christopher Butler.” The court postponed the subpoenas, and in August, Butler was indicted on a jail contraband charge related to the cellphone.McBride said in an affidavit that in the days following Beasley’s request to kill the subpoenas, both Beasley and Assistant Attorney General Shaun Yurtkuran called him with concerns that Smith’s office was planning to prosecute them.Weill postponed Rushing and Smith’s subpoenas on June 20. The grand jury met the next day, with no indictments filed against Beasley or Yurtkuran. And the day after that, Smith was arrested on a six count affidavit filed by the state attorney general’s office alleging he had aided two criminal defendants Butler and Darnell Turner.Seeds of concernBeasley and Yurtkuran’sfears of arrest may have taken root months before.

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The ultimate WWE fan event

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What: The ultimate WWE fan event, WWE Axxess, is an appreciation of the past, present, and future of sports entertainment held every Wrestlemania weekend. Fans can buy tickets to one of six, four hour sessions to enter the event and meet superstars and take photos you won get anywhere else. The address is 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202.

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