Mission Statement

Alba a leading provider of Home Medical Equipment services has been providing expert knowledge and care to patients throughout New York State since 1992.

Our mission is to provide solutions that improve the quality and dignity of life. We are committed to being the leader in the Home Medical Equipment Industry by providing innovative products, and superior quality of care.

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Our Products

"Alba has provided the highest quality service and equipment for my patients. I have been relying on alba for over 6 years and I will continue this relationship for many years to come."

− Dr. Abakporo, Chairman Wyckoff Emergency Department

"We here at Alba believe that the cost savings that we deliver to your health care by working with your Insurance provider is an opportunity for you."

− Danil Shabatayev, CEO Alba Medical Supply

"Alba has worked diligently to get my patients Speech Equipment funded, they worked hard with the Insurance provider to ensure the right device was provided."

− Dr. Yusufov, SP Shore View Pediatric Rehabilitation

"My daughter needed a custom wheelchair. Mr. Riley at Alba helped me pick out the right device, and customize it to my daughters needs. Now Jessica has a great chair which helps her get around in school."

− Mrs. Santiago, Client

"Thanks to Dave I now have a great pair of legs, now my wife gets to keep up with me."

− Mr. Rabayev, Client